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Strain Gauges with CE marking

Dear Customers

We have been making every effort to manufacture products that are environment-friendly, and as one of such efforts, we are developing products that are RoHS compliant and qualified for CE marking.

We would like to announce that the lineup of our strain gauges will be modified as of April 1, 2017 to include some strain gauges which are compliant to RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU and supplied with CE marking. The outline of the modification is as stated here below.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding for the modification, and ask for your continued purchase of our products including strain gauges.

1. For strain gauges without integral lead wire, the followings are CE marked

• F series strain gauge whose type name begins with the following letters.
FLGB, FLAB, FLKB, FCAB, FRAB (see Note 1 below)
• F series strain gauge with “-F” added after the type name
Example) FCT-2-350-11-F (see Note 2 below)
• All strain gauges of the following series.
• Strain gauges of the following series with “F” added after the type name
Example) YEFLA-5-F

2. For strain gauges with integral lead wire, the followings are CE marked

• CE marked strain gauges as stated above 1. having integral lead wire with “-F” added after the type name of the lead wire
Example) FLAB-3-17-5LJCT-F, FLX-1-23-F-3LJCT-F, PFL-30-11-1LJC-F (see Note 3 below)

Note 1)

• These are newly developed strain gauges having unique gauge patterns and special plastics backings. They show excellent fatigue life and enlarged operation temperature range of -196 to +150°C.  These strain gauges are called GOBLET type. GOBLET logo is used to represent these gauges in our website, catalogue, and package.
• The letter “B” is added to the previous type name of F series strain gauge. For example, FLAB is equivalent to the previous FLA (which is without CE marking).

Note 2)

• This option is not applicable to F series strain gauges of GOBLET type or previous strain gauges of GOBLET type (FLG, FLA, FLK, FCA and FRA).

Note 3)

• For a strain gauge with integral lead wire, both of the strain gauge itself and the integral lead wire must be CE marked for the entire strain gauge with integral lead wire to be CE marked.

¶ For other strain gauges than stated in the above 1., CE marking is under development.

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