Strain Calibrator CB-2R

CB-2RThe CB-2R is a highly stable strain calibrator suited to sensitivity calibration and zero shift monitoring of strainmeters with DC bridge excitation. Two calibration values can be generated. This calibrator is especially effective for management of data loggers in long term measurement.


  • Bridge resistance of 120Ω or 350Ω (to be selected when ordering)
  • Two calibration values (to be selected from the specified values when ordering)
  • Quarter, quarter 3-wire, half and full bridge calibration possible
  • Power supply is not required


Type CB-2R
Number of output 1
Bridge resistance 120Ω or 350Ω(to be specified when ordering)
Applicable bridge configuration Quarter, Quarter 3-wire, Half, and Full bridge
Dimensions 100(W)×45(H)×70(D)mm
Weight Approx. 500 g

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