PC control Dynamic Strainmeter DC-004P

DC-204R/DC-204RaThe DC-004P is a PC control type dynamic strainmeter. It stores measured data in a PC which is connected via USB interface, without having a recording medium in the strainmeter. Since a continuous recording is possible, this strainmeter is most suited to measurement such as material testing.


  • Manual trigger, data trigger and Interval trigger can be executed at the same time
  • 50kHz sampling (at the fastest in 1-channel mode)
  • Simultaneous sampling of 12.5kHz for 4 channels (4-channel type)
  • Capable of measuring a large strain of up to 80000×10-6 strain (with 0.5V excitation)
  • Direct recording on a PC.
  • Supporting long term measurement.
  • 4-channel type and 2-channel type are supportable
  • Measured data conforms to DADiSP format
  • TEDS compatible
  • Control software (DC-7004P) supplied as a standard accessory


Type DC-004P
Number of channels 4(4-channel type), 2(2-channel type)
Measuring object Strain
DC voltage(with optional CR-4110)
Thermocouple (with optional TA-01KT)
Measuring range ±20,000×10-6 strain (at 2V excitation)
±80,000×10-6 strain (at 0.5V excitation)
Frequency response DC~2kHz
Applicable gauge resistance 120, 350(Ω)(Full bridge)
Maximum sampling speed 20µsec. (1-channel mode), 40µsec. (2-channel mode),
80µsec. (4-chaanel mode)
Dimensions 120(W)×50(H)×180(D)mm (except projecting parts)
Weight DC-004P : 4 channels type Approx. 600g
DC-004P(-2) : 2 channels type Approx. 500g
Power supply DC10~16V 0.3A Max.(when supplied from DC jack)
Can be supplied from USB buspower

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