Small Multi-channel Data Acquisition System

TMR-200Multi-recorder TMR-300 Series is a compact multi-channel data acquisition system capable of combining measurement units for inputting various sensors according to the purpose of measurement. Due to its compact size and light weight, the system can be easily installed not only on existing structures such as machines and bridges in which the installation space is restricted, but also on moving bodies such as automobiles, aircrafts and ships. For the measurement of automobiles, the system accepts input of sensors used for various purposes of tests including traveling performance, maneuverability, ride comfort and safety.
Up to ten measurement units for inputting sensors can be connected together and placed in a small space. Alternatively, it is possible to extend the distance between two units to allow each unit to be placed near the sensors. In addition, by using a distribution unit together, synchronized measurement of sensors scattered in a large area becomes possible.
The control unit is equipped with LAN and USB interface which allow the control of setting and start of measurement from a connected computer.
As for the lineup of TMR-300 series, Voltage thermocouple unit TMR-332, Display unit TMR-381 and Synchronizing Unit with TMR-200 are under development.


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