Dynamic Measurement Software DS-7640

Dynamic Measurement Software
-- Microsoft Windows Vista(SP2)/7(SP1)/8/8.1/10 --


DC-7630The dynamic measurement software Visual Log DS-7640 is designed for controlling 20 sets of DS-50A at the maximum to perform monitoring and manual/data trigger interval measurement of 1~1000 channels and up to 1000 points of extended channels. Stored data files can be viewed in waveforms using software capable of reading DADiSP format files. Our Waveform view software WF-7630 should be used additionally for viewing data of extended channels. A cost-effective software package DS-7640-WF bundling the WF-7630 with the DS-7640 is also available.


  • Long time continuous recording possible
  • Simultaneous recording of measurement data of three types (manual, data trigger, interval)
  • Capable of arithmetic operation and rosette analysis among channels

System Configuration

    Windows Vista(SP2)/7(SP1)/8/8.1/10
    Personal computer recommended by the above OS and having CPU of dual-core or more is recommended
    LAN (100BASE-TX)
    HDD Capacity
    5 GB of free space or more
    When using one unit of DS-50A, approx. 40 MB, 1 GB at maximum
    Protect key
    USB dongle

More Information

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