FBG Fiber-optic Strainmeter TFM-104

TFM-104This is an instrument to carry out strain measurement using FBG optical fiber sensors. It has four ports for connecting optical fibers. The use of wideband light source offers excellent anti-vibration tolerance and durability. It has functions of converting FBG sensor output into strain and also compensating the temperature dependence of the sensor. These functions enable highly accurate strain measurement when combined with our FBG sensors. In addition, by connecting the clock input and trigger input with our multi-recorders, synchronized measurement becomes possible with various sensors such as strain gauges, voltage signals and thermocouples. The LAN interface is provided for easy operation of this strainmeter by connecting a personal computer.


  • Remote measurement possible
  • Not influenced by electromagnetic noise
  • Long distance measurement possible
  • Less influenced by vibration and secular change owing to the use of durable optical parts
  • Synchronized with other instruments by clock/trigger synchronization
  • Two or more sensors can be measured simultaneously using one optical fiber port
  • Four optical fiber ports provided
  • Temperature compensation is possible when combined with our FBG sensors
  • Measured values can be monitored and recorded in strain or other physical quantities
  • ?WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) method is adopted to enable optical fiber branching
  • LAN interface provided
  • All cable connections are located on the front panel
  • After sales service is assured because this product is developed by ourselves


Type TFM-104 TFM-104(-01)
Number of optical signal ports 4 1
Applicable fiber Single mode fiber
Optical connector FC/APC receptacle
Measurement strain wavelength range 1525~1570nm *1
Resolution 0.1pm
Number of measuring points 16/port (at maximum)
Sampling speed 1msec (when using 1 port)
10msec (when using 4 port)
Calculation Initial value calculation, Temperature compensation, Physical value conversion, Shift calculation
Interface LAN
Sampling clock input +5V-0V,Negative logic, Period 1 ms or more, Pulse width 0.4 ms or more
Trigger input +5V-0V,Negative logic, Pulse width 1 sampling or more
Power supply DC10~16V 2A MAX
Operating environment -10 ~ +50°C, less than 85%RH (without condensation)
External dimensions 320(H) × 60(H) × 220(D)mm (except projecting parts)
Weight Approx. 2.5kg
Supplied software TFM-7104 Strain, Temperature, Measurement wavelength, Initial wavelength, Strain time-series chart, Optical spectrum chart, etc.

System block diagram

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