What is GOBLET series

A strain gauge is constructed so that the gauge leads to conduct electrical signal are connected by soldering to the metal foil which is called gauge element.  The solder is an alloy composed of lead and tin.  Since lead is not only harmful to human bodies but may cause adverse effects on the natural environment, we have developed strain gauges GOBLET which use lead-free solder.  GOBLET is an abbreviation of “Gauges Of Brilliant Lifespan and Environmentally Thoughtful”, which represents the excellent fatigue life and small environmental effect of the strain gauges and expresses the concept of development of the strain gauges.  Various types of our strain gauges including general purpose strain gauges in F series are available as GOBLET, which are supplied as RoHS compliant products with CE marking.
A newly developed unique gauge pattern of GOBLET brings about improvement in performance of strain gauges.  In addition, integral leadwires for connecting strain gauges to instruments are available with the use of lead-free solder.  We have several types of leadwires to be selected according to the usage conditions.
We will keep on developing GOBLET gauges not only to meet the needs of domestic and overseas markets but also to improve environmental compatibility of the products including efficient use of natural resources.

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