LTA-NA Torque Transducer

LTA-NAThe LTA-NA Torque Transducer is a high precision transducer that is used to measure tightening force on nuts and bolts. Compact and light weight, it is mounted between the socket and the socket wrench handle. Although the transducer uses a strainmeter to take readings, it can be used to take peak readings simply by connecting it to a peak hold measuring instrument.

Protection ratings : IP 40 equivalent


Small, Lightweight
Easy handling


Type Capacity Rated output Non-linearity Temperature
LTA-50NA 50N•m
2mV/V(4000×10-6 strain)±2%
0.3%RO -10 ~ +60°C
LTA-100NA 100N•m
LTA-200NA 200N•m
3mV/V(6000×10-6 strain)±2%
LTA-500NA 500N•m
2mV/V(4000×10-6 strain)±2%

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