Wheel Alignment Measuring System

The wheel alignment measuring system is composed of a transducer WAD-1B and an exclusive measuring instrument WAM-1A. By installing the transducer WAD-1B with a 6-component wheel force transducer, simultaneous measurement of displacement in orthogonal 3 directions at wheel center, steering angle and camber angle is possible. Measurement results are output as analog voltage from the measuring instrument WAM-1A in real time. The WAM-1A is available for installation on a car. It is connected to a PC via USB interface, and operations ranging from setting to measurement are done on a PC. Simultaneous control up to 4 units of WAM-1A is possible. Control software WAM-701A is supplied as a standard accessory. Voltage output can be recorded and monitored with any of the multi-recorder TMR series.




  • Displacement measurement in orthogonal 3 directions at wheel center
  • Steering angle
  • Camber angle
  • Simultaneous control of 4 instruments at the maximum

System Block Diagram