Portable Data Logger TS-360 (Pre-order start)

Data logger for various on-site measurements

T-ZACCS3 TS-360 is a data logger that can be combined with various units around a control unit to build a system to suit your measurement style. This data logger can measure up to 1000 points of strain gauges, strain gauge transducers, DC voltage, and thermocouples by connecting to an external switching box. TS-360 can be operated by alkaline batteries or batteries even where no power source is available, and a sleep function can be used for long-term measurement.

1. Up to 1000 points
Number of measurement points Max. 50 points for main unit connection / External connection: up to 1000 points in total
2. LAN interface as standard
Remote control is available
3. TML-NET compatible
100 units can be connected using TML-NET, and power can be supplied up to 2 km for measurement without sensitivity degradation
4. Connection to switching box
T-ZACCS BOX AU-50, ASW-50C, and SSW-50D can be connected as external switching boxes!
5. Battery-powered operation
Powered by 4 single batteries or AC adapter (12V battery)