Case Studies by Industry

Case Studies by Industry

Here are some examples of how our products are used in various industries, based on consultations and inquiries we have received from customers.




Evaluation tool for maneuvering stability during actual vehicle driving

We recommend using these in combination with a steering force angle meter, which can be easily installed without replacing the handle and a tread force gauge, which is thin and minimizes the effect of the stepping into position on output.



Drive shaft torque/axial force measurement tool

We propose a new type of torque measurement using a friction type torque sensor. It contributes to labor savings by eliminating the need for shaft removal, strain gauge attachment, and lead wire connection work.




Stress measurement tool for high temperature environments

By using weld-type gauges, stress measurements can be made in high-temperature environments (up to 800°C) for engine and exhaust systems.





Automotive bench test tools

TMR-300 series of multi-recorders can be used to realize multi-channel measurement in a space-saving manner.





Bolt axial force measurement tool

Various gauge series are available from low temperature to high temperature and can be manufactured with small diameter bolts. We can measure bolt fastening force, bolt strength, and can design bolt fastening.





Stress measurement tool for spring and gear components

Use of ultra-small strain gages allows strain measurement of "springs" and "gear tooth bottoms". For highly technical attachment work, etc., please use our gauge installation service.





Strain measurement tool for EV vehicles

We have strain measurement tools for "strain measurement around inverter motors" and "axial force fluctuation of battery fixing bolts, etc.





Impact Test measurement tool

The combination of a robust MEMS accelerometer and a dynamic strainmeter TMR-300 series enables various types of impact tests.



Measurement management of steel girder bridges

Sensors suitable for the maintenance and management of aging bridges are installed on each part of the bridge to monitor the occurrence of dynamic stresses during general vehicular traffic.





Measurement and management of cable-stayed bridges

Construction management is performed with various sensors and measuring systems for measurement of PC cable-stayed bridge construction management items such as main tower inclination, deflection, and cable-stayed material tension.





Pavement Measurement

It is necessary to know the bearing capacity of each layer of asphalt due to different traffic and roadbed conditions. The state of bearing capacity generated by running tests is measured by sensors installed in each layer.




caseCivil Engineering

Retaining Wall Measurement

In the construction of the retaining wall in urban areas, ground subsidence, movement, displacement, and groundwater displacement are measured, and the condition of the retaining wall trench is measured with load cells and displacement gauges to confirm safety.


caseCivil Engineering

Measurement of Embankment

The civil engineering transducer manages subsidence and horizontal displacement caused by embankment with sensors suitable for geotechnical management items, as well as soil pressure and pore pressure in the ground, using data loggers and measurement software.




caseCivil Engineering

Shield Measurement

We introduce strain gauges and measuring instruments suitable for checking the condition of surrounding structures and facilities due to Shield tunnel excavation and measuring the stress generated in segment members.




caseCivil Engineering

Landslide Measurement

The sensor is capable of long-term stable measurement, and the battery-powered measuring instrument enables landslide observation in mountainous areas and data acquisition via wireless communication.





Large Roof and Dome Measurement

We provide optimal systems and maintenance know-how based on our extensive experience in measuring event halls in various locations.





Structural Vibration Measurement

We provide a measuring instrument that can express vibration acceleration and displacement in the X, Y, and Z directions generated by 3-dimensional excitation in real time on an X-Y graph.




caseStructural Test

Structural Testing System

This system enables control of test equipment by providing high-speed feedback of voltage outputs of changing control items, such as the forcing applied by a hydraulic jack or the displacement of a test specimen.



caseStructural Test

In-Plane Shear Testing Device

We determine wall magnification using strain gauges appropriate for structural plywood, displacement gauges and load cells selected and installed according to the displacement and applied load, and measuring equipment appropriate for the test content, such as repeated loadings.





Concrete Compressive Strength Testing System

The strength of concrete varies with the number of elapsed days. This system can graphically display signals from strain gauges, load cells, and displacement transducers used for strength testing and static modulus of elasticity of concrete in a single unit.




caseMaterial Testing

Wood Testing System

We will introduce strain gauges and adhesives suitable for laminated wood and structural lumber, as well as installation methods and measuring instruments that correctly measure displacement and load measurements.


caseCircuit board

Axial force measurement for board fastening screws

By using axial force screws (bolts), it is possible not only to check the fastening force, but also to continuously measure changes in axial force to check for the occurrence of loosening or other problems.




caseCircuit board

Board strain measurement

Strain is generated on boards when electronic components are mounted and also when boards are divided. By measuring strain, it is possible to investigate what kind of strain is being generated.





Battery-related measurement

Using the TS-960 (or TS-963) data logger, it is possible to monitor and graphically display the relationship between the strain and deformation (displacement) of the battery case, as well as the relationship between the fixing screws (axial force) and temperature, for real-time measurement.




caseMetal Materials

Metallic Material Testing

The test for metallic materials measures the strain in the elastic and plastic ranges. The data logger TS-960 (or TS-963) performs calculations and drawings in real time and enables measurements with high-speed sampling at 0.1 second intervals.