Vehicle onboard measuring system

In the mechanism of an automobile, there are many items to be measured, such as the maintenance of the engine and electrical instrumentation as a power source, effectiveness of power transfer to the drive wheels, running stability which influences the riding comfort, and the braking performance which controls the running. Our measurement system covers the items below with transducers especially designed for respective measurement objects. An overall system can be configured even including a recorder and a PC.


Power train (Power transfer) 

6-Component Wheel Force Transducer SLW Series
A 6-component force transducer and dedicated measuring instrument installed to a wheel shaft allow an all-in-one system to be built that computationally corrects load in front-rear (Fx), left-right (Fy), and up-down (Fz) orientations as well as component force for each (Mx, My, Mz) in real time.
Wheel Torque Transducer LTW Series
Driving torque and braking torque are obtained in analog signal while driving an actual car. 

Braking System

Braking Pedal Force Transducer MLA
This is a load cell to measure the brake pedal force. It can easily be attached without modifying the pedal.

Steering System

Steering Torque Transducer HLA-B
This is a transducer to measure the torque and angle of steering in running test.


Frictional Type Torque Sensor System FGDH Series
Installs on the drive shaft for measurement of torque, with digital communication.
Frictional Type Axial Strain Transducer FGAH-1B-R / FGAH-1B-H
Simply installing on a tie rod allows shaft strain to be measured easily.
Tie-rod loadcell TCLT-NA 
This is a transducer to measure the tensile and compressive load applied to a tie-rod.