Special measurement systems FAQ

Small FWD-Light® System

  • Describe the scope of application for Small FWD-Light® System.

    It can be used in controlled studies of common cuttings, embankments, backfill, airport embankments, simple asphalt pavement (heavy traffic is not possible due to load energy problems: Category A, B, C, D traffic), interlocking block pavement, wooden sleepers, etc.
    Especially for simple asphalt pavement, the following two methods of analysis are available based on deflection distributions using an external displacement sensor as an option.

    1. Reverse analysis is performed to estimate the modulus of elasticity of each layer of pavement.
    2. Based on "Katsuyo Shiyo! FWD" (FWD in use!) (by the Road Management Technology Center), calculate the CBR, shortage TA, etc. of the subgrade.

  • Do you have any reference literature for Small FWD testing?

    Professor Maruyama, Nagaoka University of Technology, “FWD ni yoru hoso shindan no jitsurei” (Examples of pavement diagnostics with FWD), ASPHALT, Vol. 35, No. 175, pp. 28-29,1993
    "Katsuyo Shiyo! FWD" (FWD in use!), by the Road Management Technology Center
    “FWD oyobi kogata FWD un’yo no tebiki” (Guidelines for the operation of FWD and Small FWD)", edited by The Committee on Pavement Engineering, JSCE