Small FWD testing

Small FWD (FWD-Light®), in addition to the free-fall impact load by the loading plate on the double cone is a device that measured radially from the center position of the load and displacement caused by this load center.

We said, "Pavement Engineering Society of Civil Engineers Editorial Committee: FWD FWD and small operational guidance (2003.1)" and the "Railway Technical Research Institute Foundation Chapter: Yōdo orbital structure and labor-saving design standard the same description of railway structures materials (reference -22) "We conducted trials in compliance with the business.

By measuring the test work conducted by experts in the dodecahedron to reduce test time, in order to assess the stiffness of the ground, the ground reaction force coefficient K30 and one indicator of equivalent value to calculate accurately.

FWD-Light is cut earth embankment subgrade subgrade stiffness of the structure and management of soil compaction (equivalent value K30 coefficient of subgrade reaction, modulus of elasticity) rating, and a simple asphalt, paving and interlocking blocks measurements can be applied to evaluate the bearing capacity and stiffness.

We also support a variety of options parts soil and a relatively rigid airport.

Small FWD test conditions


FWD situation in a small trial embankment


FWD test in a simple small asphalt pavement
(optional items: Φ300 loading plate, 25 kg weight drop, rod extension, external displacement sensor)


Handling of highly portable system is easy and can be easily measured, in your "FWD-Light®" as a guide which needs to fully understand how to test using "FWD-Light by Small FWD test method (Ed. ground) "was created.
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