Stress stethoscope, axial strain transducer, torque sensor using a frictional strain gauge

Measuring force without adhering a strain gauge

Our friction gauges can measure strain due to friction generated on the measurement surface. We have sensors to measure the strain on existing structures and the torque of rotating bodies.

Strain Checker® FGMH series
The strain generated on a measurement surface is measured by applying the sensor on the steel of an existing structure such as a bridge with its magnet. FGMH-1B/-2A/-4A for uniaxial strain measurement and FGMH-3A for three-way measurement are available.
Friction strain checkers FGAH-1B-R/FGAH-1B-H
Measure the tension and axial strain of tension rods in automobile steering tie rods, architectural structures, and steel work. Clamp onto rod.
Frictional torque sensor system FGDH-2A/FGDH-3A
Measure the torque of vehicle drive shaft. Clamp onto drive shaft.

Products using a frictional strain gauge