Complete correction method for strain

Non-linearity error of Wheatstone bridge circuit to zero, initial imbalance value to zero

For strain measurement, which requires high speed, high accuracy, and high resolution, problems such as these cannot be ignored.

  • Temperature affects measurement and measured strain is not stable
  • Measured data appears to be discontinuous
  • Changing the lead wire changes the strain
  • Different gauge resistance changes the strain
  • Measured strain changes as the initial imbalance value increases
  • Quarter bridge 3-wire method must have the same length of lead wire

The “complete correction method for strain” we have developed eliminates the nonlinearity error of the Wheatstone bridge circuit used in strain measurement, and thus any effect from initial imbalance to resolve the above issue. This correction method goes by the name of Comet and is standard in the following strainmeters.

Data loggers with this feature
TS-560, TDS-540, TDS-630, TDS-530, TDS-150, TC-32K, TDS-602, TDS-303, TDS-102, TC-31K
Compatible switching boxes
IHW-50H, IHW-50G, ISW-50C/-50G, SSW-30C/-50C/-50D, SSW-10MC, ASW-30C/-50C, FSW-10/10L, CSW-5B

Application examples

Application example 1

Automatic correction of thermal output using a temperature-integrated gauge to measure strain in real time


Application example 2

Strain measurement where stress is concentrated by continuous 10-element chain gauge