TML-NET 2-wire digital network measurement

Network system using digital data signals

Significantly reduce wiring for multipoint measurement — distributed data recording network TML-NET

Replacing switchboxes with TML-NET networking modules facilitates connection and branching for multipoint measurement. In the 2-wire method, data and power supply are relayed through two-wire dedicated cabling, reducing the amount of wire required in a multi-point measurement system. Uses a data logger, computer, or hand-held strainmeter. In addition, network modules (NSW-011C/-014C/-024C), which consume less than 1/10 the power of the conventional network modules, can greatly extend the total stretch with multiple points.


Network modules

Compatible data loggers: TDS-150-06
Networking drivers: NDR-100 (Compatible data loggers: TDS-630 / TDS-540-01/-03)
Networking interfaces: NIF-100
Measurement software: Visual LOG TDS-7130v2
Monitoring system: MD-111
Hand-held strainmeter: TC-35N (battery powered)


  • 2-wire digital data transmission by built-in ADC
  • Modules compatible with strain gauges, transducers, DC voltage, and thermocouple
  • No decrease in sensitivity due to cabling
  • Can be used in combination with transducer with integrated network module
  • Low-power-consumption modules providing total stretch of 2000 meters with 100 connected units