Load cell for verification of testing machine

This is a load cell used for calibration of compressive or tensile testing machine. A load cell used for the purpose must be calibrated in conformity with JIS B 7728 “Calibration of force-proving instruments used for the verification of uniaxial testing machines”. This load cell conforms to JIS B 7728. It meets the requirements in accuracy, and comes with the bearing plate or rod ends as loading jigs. The load cell is manufactured according to the capacity, accuracy class and shape of the testing machine to be calibrated.


  • Conforms to JIS B 7728:2013
  • Load cell is available for compression or for tension
  • Capacity is optionally available
  • Supplied with loading jigs
  • Remote sensing applicable

Example of load cell compatible with verification of material testing machine

圧縮型荷重計CLJ-20KNA 容量20kN
Compression load cell CLJ-20KNA with capacity of 20 kN
引張型荷重計TLJ-50KNA 容量50kN
Tension load cell TLJ-50KNA with capacity of 50 kN