CE Marking Compliant Strain Gauges GOBLET series

Compliant with lead-free soldering specifications


In conventional strain gauges, a gauge lead, for relaying electric signal to metal foil called a gauge element, is joined with solder that contains lead. Solder with lead is an alloy of lead and tin, with soft lead having the effect of relieving stress. On the other hand, lead is not only a harmful substance to people, there is also concern of its impact on the environment. Accompanying RoHS directives, combinations of lead-free solder and conventional strain gauges had not always satisfied fatigue life characteristics complying with the NAS942 standard. We employ a new solder tab design in which stress does not concentrate even when used with lead-free solder, and are recommending GOBLET next-generation strain gauges, which maintain conventional strain gauge characteristics, and, are environmentally friendly. 
The GOBLET series is designed with the theme of “Gauges Of Brilliant Lifespan and Environmentally Thoughtful”. GOBLET is a CE-mark conforming series with our strain gauges at its core, and have the CE mark as products conforming to RoHS directives.
At present, the following GOBLET-series instruments have been developed. Special lead wires with lead-free specifications are also available.

  • Strain gauge for general use F-series (partly not compliant)
  • Strain gauge for high temperature use QF-series (partly not compliant)
  • Strain gauge for composite material BF-series
  • Strain gauge for plastics GF-series
  • Strain gauge for wood and gypsum LF-series
  • Strain gauge for post-yield (large strain) measurement YEF-series