APR/1954 Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo established
APR/1955 Polyester Strain Gauge developed
DEC/1958 Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo.Co.,Ltd. Organizational change
JUN/1961 Strain gauge started to export
JUL/1962 Osaka Sales Office opened
APR/1969 Kiryu Shinshuku factory opened
JUL/1969 Fukuoka Sales Office opened
MAY/1971 Yokohama factory opened
DEC/1972 Construction of the headquarters building
APR/1973 TemL developing automated strain measurement Automatic Strain measurement established
MAY/1977 Built a new wing headquarters
APR/1978 Tsuchiura Sales Office opened
SEP/1978 Kiryu Factory (transducer division) construction
APR/1983 Kiryu Factory (strain gauge division) construction
NOV/1983 25th Anniversary Exhibition
APR/1984 Kiryu Sales Office opened
APR/1985 Nagoya Sales Office Opened
MAY/1986 Kiryu Factory (strain gauge testing department) construction
APR/1987 Kiryu Factory (instrument department) construction
NOV/1988 30th Anniversary exhibition
JUN/1989 Kiryu Factory (laboratory) construction
NOV/1991 Yokohama factory transfer
NOV/1993 35th Anniversary exhibition
JAN/1997 Obtained ISO9001 (Design and manufacture of strain measuring equipment)
SEP/1997 10MN Force Calibration Machines installed
OCT/1997 Akashi Branch Office Opened
FEB/1998 Headquarters annex construction
NOV/1998 40th Anniversary exhibition
JAN/1999 Obtained ISO9001 (transducer manufacturing)
APR/1999 Yokohama Sales Office opened
DEC/2000 Accredited in Force field(JCSS-0090)
SEP/2001 Nagoya Sales Office transfer
NOV/2001 Construction of 6-component force test system
OCT/2002 Kita-Kanto Sales Office opened
JAN/2003 ISO9001: 2000 update [expanded edition] (Design and manufacture of strain measuring equipment and transducer)
NOV/2003 45th Anniversary exhibition
MAR/2004 Accredited as MRA IA JAPAN JCSS-0090 in the Force field
AUG/2004 Measurement consultant transfer to the Head quarters
APR/2005 Sapporo Branch Office Opened
FEB/2006 ISO9001: 2000 update [expanded edition] (added to the range of strain gauge authenticate the manufacturing division)
OCT/2006 Data Logger TDS-530 Japan Good Design Award (G-Mark) given
OCT/2007 Kumagaya Sales Office opened
DEC/2008 50th Anniversary exhibition
JUN/2009 Sapporo Branch Office transfer
DEC/2009 Akashi Branch Office transfer
MAR/2010 Yokohama Sales Office transfer, Changed to Ebina Sales Office
APR/2010 Sapporo Branch Office and Akashi Branch Office are changed to Sales Office respectively
Tsuchiura Sales Office transfer, Changed to Tsukuba Branch Office
MAR/2012 Kumagai Sales Office transfer, Changed to Takasaki Sales Office
APR/2014 Sendai Branch Office Opened
APR/2017 Sendai Branch Office and Tsukuba Branch Office are changed to Sales Office respectively
FEB/2018 Sapporo Sales Office transfer
APR/2018 hiroshima Sales Office Opened, Integrate Ebina Sales Office to Tokyo Sales Office
JUN/2018 Company emblem renewed, English business name unified as “Tokyo Measuring Instruments Laboratory Co., Ltd.”
SEP/2019 Sendai Sales Office transfer
OCT/2020 Kita-Kanto Sales Office and Takasaki Sales Office combined to set up Tochigi Sales Office
AUG/2021 New office building completed (Head quarters)
APR/2022 Akashi Sales Office and hiroshima Sales Office combined to set up Okayama Sales Office
JUL/2022 Overseas subsidiaries (TML Korea Co, Ltd. in Korea) established