Reinforcing-bar strain measurement

Strain gauge selection for measurement of reinforcing bars

For strain gauge instllation on reinforcing bars of concrete structures, surface treatment and coating are necessary.

Strain gauges F series (e.g. FLAB-3-11-5LJBT-F)
Gauge length 3mm,self-compensated for mild steel, pre-attached 5m leadwires in 3-wire system
Adhesive CN
Coatings W-1, SB Tape, VM Tape, Self-bonding tape (No.11), bandage, P-2
Other Re-bar coating tape

Strain gauge selection for reinforcing bars

As In general, metal is homogeneous, no longer gauge length is required but 1 - 6 mm is sufficient. Strain gauges with narrow base width such as FLKB-2-11 should be selected. The following table is a representative example of selection.

Applicable gauges Applicable re-bar
D4 D6 D10 D13 D16 D19 - D35
FLKB-2-11 Check Check Check      
FLAB-2-11     Check Check    
FLAB-3-11       Check Check Check
FLAB-5-11         Check Check