Crack Detection Sensor Adapter

Crack detection sensor adapter KZCBF-11

The crack detection sensor adapter KZCBF-11 is connected to a crack detection sensor and used to automatically detect presence or absence of crack. It works as a light source for the sensor, and also has a function of converting the light signal of the sensor into voltage. Crack is detected by taking the output voltage of the KZCBF-11 into a data logger. After a crack is detected, the crack progress can be checked by setting a crack displacement transducer.

Crack detection sensor adapter KZCBF-11
  • Enables automatic crack detection using a data logger
  • Specifications

    Type KZCBF-11
    Measuring point 1
    Optical input connector ST connector
    Optical output connector FC connector
    Optical output wavelength 635nm
    Output connector M3 x 3P terminal bind-head screw
    Output level When crack is detected: 4.2 V or more
    When crack is not detected: 0.4 V or less
    Voltage Rated voltage: DC 12 V
    Maximum consumption current: 60 mA
    Operating temperature and humidity range 0 to +40℃ 85%RH or less (no dew condensation)
    External dimensions 30(W) x 70(H) x 75(D)(excluding projected parts)
    Weight Approx. 130 g