Water Level Transducer

KW-C Water Level Transducer 10m to 50m

The KW-C is a hydraulic water level transducer that measures the level of water in dams and rivers and the level of under-ground water in ground in landslide areas. Effects of changes in atmospheric pressure do not need to be compensated, so high-accuracy measurement can be made.


Protection ratings : IP 68 equivalent


KW-C Water Level Transducer
  • Not affected by the change of atmospheric pressure
  • Made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Easy handling and stable measurement
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Rated output Non-linearity Temperature range
    KW-10C 10m Approx. 1mV/V (2000 x 10-6 strain) 0.2%RO -20 to +60℃
    (no icing)
    KW-20C 20m
    KW-30C 30m 0.3%RO
    KW-50C 50m

    Output polarity

    Measurement moves in the plus direction with regard to an increase in water level.