Data Logger Use Static Measurement Software

Data Logger use static measurement software TDS-7130v2

The TDS-7130v2 runs on a MS Windows PC to perform static measurement using TML data loggers. In addition to visual representation with multiple graphs, this software is a powerful tool for creating a report with data and graphs because it is capable of pasting multiple graphs, value monitors, labels and images on one graph sheet. It can take the most advantage of the data logger function of automatic multi-channel measurement. The TDS-7130v2-A, applicable to long-term measurement and alarm contact, is optionally available. It has additional functions including automatic start of measurement, alarm output using contact unit, and automatic scroll of progress monitor. With these functions, the software is suitable for observation during and after construction, and construction management.
Supported: our data loggers, TS-963, TS-960, TS-560, TS-360, TDS-540, TDS-630 (Ver.1.1C or later), TDS-530 (Ver.1.0D or later), TDS-300, TDS-302 (Ver.1.2A or later), TDS-303 (Ver.1.0E or later), TDS-601 (Ver.1.4A or later), TDS-602 (Ver.1.0G or later), THS-1000, THS-1100 (Ver.1.1A or later)

  • User interface design suited to wide-screen views
  • Supports up to 20 million measurement cycles, continued measurement over a long period
  • Interval and data compilator functions create and run 8 tables
  • Create all points and 9 data lists, and output data from processing
  • Supports TDS-630 fast mode, 0.1-second continuous measurement possible
  • Display several graphs on 1 graph sheet
  • Vecor/arrow monitor displayable on graph sheet
  • Save/recall screen layout
  • System configuration

    OS / computer / interface / product key



    OS Microsoft Windows 7(SP1)/8.1/10/11
    Computer Any meeting specifications recommended by above OSesand having USB port (dual core or better), CD drive
    Interface LAN 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
    USB USB2.0
    RS-232C COM1~COM8 
    GP-IB NationalInstruments GP-IB
    CONTEC GP-IB Interface*
    *1 Products with operation verified:
    PCI bus supported: GP-IB(PCI)F, GP-IB(PCI)FL
    CardBus supported: GP-IB(CB)F, GP-IB(CB)FL
    Product key USB dongle


    Special-priced TDS-7130v2 change-over package available for registered users of TDS/THS-7120 and TOS-7810.


TDS-7130v2-A long-period measurement/alarm contact edition

  • External alarm control

Control of the relay control unit to send an alarm outside the computer.
- PHC-D08/PHC-100 PATLITE computer output relay unit
- PHN-R PATLITE network relay control unit (connect up to 3 units) 

  • Measurement panel auto startup

- Automatic measurement panel display
- Monitor start
- Interval measurement start
- Automatic alarm panel display
- Alarm measurement start
- Alarm interval measurement start

  • Automatic text file save

- Create text file of data list when measuring
- Select from any of 10 data lists
- Create text file of occurrence conditions of alarm
- Select file format (text format/CSV format)

  • Addition of elapse monitor

Create elapse graph for any designated number of days or time unit.

Monitoring measurement software Visual LOG Light TDS-700L

Visual LOG® Light is software for Windows for controlling measurement, monitor alarms, etc. using any of our digital static strainmeters.
With its interface and configuration of measurement instruments, this software accommodates direct computer connection by RS-232C / GP-IB / LAN / USB and data memory forwarding, and is optimally designed for each, such that its rich assortment of alarm and monitor functions can still be used immediately on the spot with extreme ease-of-use and a high level of stability.


Type Applicable measuring instruments Overview
Visual LOG Light
TDS-540(Ver.1.0C or later)
TDS-530(Ver.1.0C or later)
TDS-302(Ver.1.2A or later)
TDS-102(Ver.1.2E or later)
Data logger setting, measurement


  • System configuration

    OS / computer / interface

    • Computer 

    OS Microsoft Windows 7(SP1)/8.1/10/11
    Computer Any model on which the above OSes can operate, CD drive
    Interface LAN: 100BASE-TX or better
    USB: USB 2.0

    • Printer

    All printers supported by MS-Windows

    • GP-IB boar

    National Instruments GP-IB board

    AT and PC/AT compatibles: AT-GPIB/TNT, AT-GPIB/TNT(PnP), PCMCIA-GPIB*2



    *1: Windows and MS-Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft in the US.
    *2: If using PCMCIA-GPIB, computer is required to have a PC card slot.
    Also check that the PC card service (Windows) is set up.