Surge Absorber Terminal

Surge absorber terminal SAT

These are terminals with built-in gas tube arresters for connecting transducers and instruments. The gas tube arrestor is a surge absorbing element to protect the connected device from surge voltage in the cable which is caused by induced lightning. Since the terminals are equipped with DIN rails, they can easily be installed in an instrumentation box and increased. Connecting works can be done easily and efficiently.

Surge absorber terminal SAT
  • Most suited to installation in an instrumentation box owing to its small size
  • Most suited to protection of TML-NET wirings from thunderbolts
  • Specifications

    Type SAT-5A
    For 5 ch. 
    For 4 ch.
    For 3 ch.
    For 2 ch.
    For 1 ch.

    DC breakdown voltage (100V/s)

    72 to 108 (V)
    Impulse breakdown voltage (100V/μs) 450 V max.
    Impulse discharge current 8/20μs 10 kA
    AC discharge current (50Hz) 9 cycle 45 A
    DC holdover voltage 50 V
    Impulse life (10/1000μs 500A) 100 times
    Insulation resistance 10000 (MΩ) min.
    Capacitance 2.0pF max.