Data Logger TS-963

model with 30 built-in channels T-ZACCS9 TS-963

T-ZACCS9 series model with 30 built-in channels

This is the top-of-the-line model of the high-speed, high-accuracy, high-functionality data logger T-ZACCS 9.
Capable of measuring in as fast as 0.1 sec.
Built-in 30 channels can be monitored and displayed without a PC, and our unique next-generation A/D method eliminates noise for highly accurate and stable measurement. Full range of monitor display functions.
In addition, a remote data logger function is now available to remotely control the data logger via a web browser.

Real-time computing function
The TS-963 is equipped with an extended calculation function that performs calculations in real time by substituting measured values into a calculation formula set arbitrarily by the user.
Calculations such as finding the maximum, minimum, and average values from multiple measurement data or converting them to other physical quantities by combining them with various functions can be performed in real time with a single measuring instrument.
Calculation results can be recorded and displayed in the same way as measurement data, and in combination with an analog output unit, can be output externally as a voltage corresponding to the calculation results.

Full range of monitor display functions
It has the ability to display measurement data values in real time and can display up to 60 measurement data points at a time.
It can also display changes in values as vectors (arrows).

Automatic measurement function for various measurements
It has an automatic measurement function that automatically initiates measurements based on conditions set by the user.
Five different functions are available to automatically perform measurements in accordance with the user's measurements.
In addition, interval measurement and comparator measurement each have 10 systems, which can be combined with other automatic measurement systems to operate in parallel.

  • Capable of measuring strain gauges, strain gauge transducers, thermocouples, platinum RTD (resistance
  • temperature detector), DC voltage, etc.
  • High-speed mode allows measurements every 0.1 sec. (High-speed mode allows measurements every 0.1 sec.)
  • Built-in measuring unit capable of monitoring and displaying all 30ch points Our unique next-generation A/D method eliminates noise and realizes highly accurate and stable measurement.
  • Measurement data can be recorded in 4GB internal memory, SD card is used as external recording media Equipped with 9-inch wide LCD touch panel
  • Comfortable operation with wide widescreen and user-friendly screen configuration
  • Remote data logger functionality enables operation from a web browser
  • Specifications

    Type TS-963
    Number of measuring point Using Measurement box 1000 points at maximum(2000 points at maximum when temperature-integrated strain gauges are used)
    Using both Measurement
    box and Built-in
    measurement unit
    Using Built-in measurement unit 30 points (possible up to 60 points when temperature-integrated strain gauges are used)
    Data update rate
    Measuring speed
    Display and record measurements update cycle 0.1 sec.
    High-accuracy mode (0.4 seconds(50Hz)/0.34 seconds(60Hz)
    Measurement mode Initials, Direct, Simple Measure(Temperature measurement is direct only)
    Simple measure Factor 1.00, Unit Linked to sensor mode, Decimal point Linked to sensor mode
    Compensation mode Comet NON/Comet A/Comet B
    Monitor Number of setting table 5
    Number of display frame 0 to 4
    Display mode Value, MAX/MIN, Chart (Y-T), Chart (X-Y), Chart (BAR), Vector
    Measurement Manual measurement Start key (START button on touch screen)
    Automatic measurement Interval measurement, Comparator measurement, Alarm measurement, Sampling measurement, Sequence measurement
    Interface LAN, USB, RS-232C
    Sensor mode Strain Quarter bridge 3-wire 120 / 240 / 350 Ω, Half bridge common dummy
    Half bridge, Full bridge, Full bridge constant current 350Ω
    Full bridge high resolution mode, Full bridge 0-2V mode
    Full bridge constant current 350Ω high resolution mode
    Temperature-integrated strain gauge 120 / 240 / 350 Ω(only when using EI-01P)
    Temperature Thermocouple T, K, J, B, S, R, E, N
    Pt-RTD Pt100 3W
    Voltage 640mV, 64V
    Channel setting Function Operation with function and operation between channels
    Number of channel 100 channels
    Usable variable Channel, Extended channel, Constant
    Operation Four arithmetic operations/General functions/Trigonometric functions/Functions for
    rosette analysis/Functions for multi-layer inclinometer/Logical functions/Other function
    Recording Internal memory(4Gbyte), SD card(specified by TML)
    Interface LAN, USB, RS-232C
    External dimensions 328(W)×174(H)×424(D) mm
    Weight Approx. 10 kg
    Power supply AC100 to 240V 50/60Hz 70VA MAX