Acceleration Transducers

Acceleration Transducer Accessories

Acceleration Transducer mounting plate

There are five types of mounting plate to suit the following acceleration teansducers. Six pieces of fixing bolt M2x5mm are supplied.

Type  Applicable Acceleration Transducer

ARJ-A Side or Bottom mounting
ARJ-A-D Side or Bottom mounting
ARJ-A-T Side mounting
ARJ-A-T Side or bottom mounting
ARK-A Side or Bottom mounting

img-arjf-12-01ARJF-12 ARJ-A-T Bottom mounting
img-arff-11-01ARFF-11 ARF-A Side mounting
ARFF-12ARFF-12 ARF-A Tri-axial mounting
img-arhf-11-01ARHF-11 ARH-A Side mounting
img-arsf-11-01ARSF-11 ARS-A Side mounting