Slip-ring type Wheel Torque Measurement

Slip-ring type Wheel Torque Measurement LTW-NA 2.5kN・m

This is a torque transducer for measuring driving torque and braking torque while an automobile is traveling. Torque can be measured with analog output by connecting the slip-ring and dynamic strainmeter that come standard. The slip-ring has a built-in encoder, allowing an F/V converter to be connected for counting output pulse and thereby measure rotational velocity. Preparing a special rim and hub adapter also allows the torque transducer to be installed to any passenger automobile.

IP code  IP 54-equivalent

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof structure allows measurement in rain
  • Special rim and adapter for each car model available, allowing measurement with the same offset as under standard conditions
  • Specifications

    Type LTW-2.5KNA
    Input/output system Slip-ring and encoder built in
    Capacity (gravitating system reference value) 2.5 kN・m (255 kgf・m)
    Rated output 1 mV/V (2000 × 10-6 strain) ±10%
    Nonlinearity 0.3% RO
    Hysteresis 0.3% RO
    Temperature effect on zero 0.01% RO/℃
    Temperature effect on span 0.01%/℃
    Compensated temperature range −20 to +80℃ (no freezing)
    Allowable temperature range −30 to +100℃ (no freezing)
    Allowable overload 150%
    Allowable bending moment 3.5 kN・m
    Allowable wheel load 20 kN
    Allowable exciting voltage 20 V
    Input/output resistance 700 Ω ±5%
    Effect of wheel load 0.5% RO or less for 5 kN wheel load
    Effect of side load 0.5% RO or less for 3 kN side load (300-mm tire radius)
    Applicable wheel size 12-in. or larger all types
    Applicable hub size 100 4-hole, 100 5-hole, 114.3 4-hole, 114.3 5-hole, etc. all types
    Weight Approx. 15 kg (15 × 6J wheel mounted)
    Supplied cable CT6-8P5/SWP-NP+SNP (ø6mm 8-conductor shielded polyurethane cable 5 m)

    Other than the above capacity, we can also make 5 kN・m, etc.