Frictional Torque Sensor System

Frictional Type Torque Sensor System

Frictional type torque sensor system FGDH-3A employs a frictional-type gauge does away with having to adhere a strain gauge and time-consuming connection of lead wire. IT measures torque occurring at the drive shaft of an automobile and sends the digital data wirelessly. It uses the 2.4 GHz range of the wireless range for long-range communication and easy receiving antenna locationing. The sensor clamps around the shaft and screws down easily. Applicable shaft diameters are ø20 to 30 mm, ø30 to 40 mm, and ø40 to 50 mm. Power supply uses a USB power cable with recharging capability, so the sensor can be recharged without needing to be removed.
[Patent registered]

Frictional Type Torque Sensor System FGDH-3A
  • 2.4 GHz band is used for wireless communication
  • Three types available for applicable shaft diameter of 20~30, 30~40 and 40~50 mm
  • No bonding is required because frictional strain gauges are used
  • Measurement possible immediately after clamping on the drive shaft
  • Digital communication system adopted for noise-resistant measurement without wiring
  • Easy-to-use rechargeable power source
  • Power saving function provided
  • Specifications

    Type FGDH-3A FGDH-3A-30/40 FGDH-3A-40/50
    Applicable shaft diameter Φ 20 to 30mm Φ 30 to 40mm Φ 40 to 50mm
    Capacity Depends on the diameter (outer and inner), material, surface roughness and surface treatment of the shaft *1
    Output Depends on the diameter (outer and inner), material, surface roughness and surface treatment of the shaft *1
    Allowable temperature -20 to +60 ℃ (No dew condensation)
    Sampling frequency 5 kHz
    Frequency response 1 kHz
    Wireless specifications Conforms to 2.4 GHz band advanced low power data communication system
    External Dimensions Φ 52 x 50 mm Φ 64 x 50 mm Φ 75 x 50 mm
    Weight    (spacer excluded) Approx. 85 g Approx. 130 g Approx. 160 g
    Protection rating Equivalent to IP51
    Continuous operating time Approx. 6 hours (23 ℃ ±5 ℃)
    Power supply Lithium secondary battery

    CE marking: outside the EU, compliant products are shipped only upon request.
    This system is approved for use in Japan, the EU member countries, the People's Republic of China, South Korea. Please contact us for other countries.
    *1:This system may not be applicable depending on the material, surface roughness or surface treatment of the shaft. Please contact us beforehand.


    [Test conditions]

    ・Torque 500 N・m
    ・Output *4 2500 mV (equivalent to 8000 x 10-6 strain)
    ・Non-linearity 1%RO (when output is 8000 x 10-6 strain)
    ・Conditions of test piece
     1. Diameter 20 mm
     2. Material SNCM439
     3. Elastic Modulus 210000 N/mm2 (test result by TML)
     4. Poisson's Ratio 0.29 (test result by TML)
     5. Surface roughness Ra 3.2
     6. Hardness HRC 38

    *4: Allowable output: ±16000 x 10-6 strain (including initial unbalance of ±2000 x 10-6 strain)