Low Capacity 3-component Load Cell

Low capacity 3-component load cell SLP-NA-T 100N to 1kN

The SLP-NA-T is a strain gauge based load cell for simultaneous measurement of forces in three mutually perpendicular axes.  Since the load cell is constructed small and light, it is well suited to use in model testing.
Protection ratings : IP 65 equivalent

Low capacity 3-component load cell SLP-NA-T
  • Small and light
  • Good response
  • Easy handling
  • Applicable to wind tunnel testing and vibration testing of models
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Rated output Non-linearity Temperature
    SLP-100NA-T 100N 0.5mV/V
    (Approx. 2000×10-6 strain)
    0.5%RO  -20 to +80 ℃
     (no icing)
    SLP-200NA-T 200N
    SLP-500NA-T 500N
    SLP-1KNA-T 1kN