Pi-shape Displacement Transducer

PI Pi-shape Displacement Transducer  ±2mm to ±5mmCEロゴ

The PI displacement transducer has a simple structure; which considered an arch-shaped spring plate with strain gauges mounted on it.. Six models designed for gauge lengths of 50 mm to 300 mm are available. This transducer is used to measure the crack opening displacement occurring within each gauge length on the surface of concrete or to measure the displacement of various structures.

PI Pi-shape Displacement Transducer
  • Simple shape
  • Stable measurement possible
  • Versatile gauge lengths
  • Easy handling
  • Specifications


    Gauge Length

    Capacity Rated output Sensitivity
    (x 10-6 strain/mm)
    Non-linearity Temperature range
    PI-2  50,100,
    ±2mm Approx. 2mV/V
    (4000 x 10-6 strain)
    Approx. 2000 0.5%RO 0 to +40℃
    PI-5  ±5mm Approx. 2.5mV/V
    (5000 x 10-6 strain)
    Approx. 1000

    Output polarity


    Measurement moves in the plus direction with regard to an increase of the opening.