Multi-layer inclinometer

Network Compatible Multi-layer inclinometer IM-10UA/BA ±10°

An inclinometer developed to automatically measure the displacement of the ground and structures. The dedicated guide tubes are installed vertically in the ground or structure in advance, and multiple inclinometers are connected to the guide tubes via relay rods (KBF-33JG) and fixed to the measurement positions. The built-in network module in the inclinometer provides the connection of inclinometers with a single cable in succession. Used for measuring the underground displacement of landslides and the deformation state of earth retaining walls. The IM-10UA can measure only in one direction, and the IM-10BA can measure in both the X- and Y-directions simultaneously with a single unit.

Protection rating: IP68 equivalent


- Eliminated transportation constraints (horizontal transportation supported)
- Connection using only single cable
- All stainless-steel structure that provides excellent anti-corrosion resistance
- Adoption of new small diameter  guide tube (IM-GP: φ50.5)
- Also compatible with conventional guide tubes (φ56) (optional)
- High resolution, compared to conventional NKB-10 (Cap.  10°: Res. 0.005°→ 0.001°)
- Compact overall length (identical with KB-JG)
- Built-in temperature sensor allows temperature measurement per depth (optional)
- Can be mixed with older model NKBs

  • Specifications

    Type No. of measuring axis Capacity Rated indication Non-linearity Temperature range
    IM-10UA 1 ±10° ±10000 digit 0.5%RO -20 to +60℃
    IM-10BA 2 ±10°

    Output polarity

    The measured value moves in the direction of the arrow indicated on the label on the body of the unit in response to changes in inclination.