Strain Transducer

KM Strain Transducer ±5000×10-6 strain

The KM series strain transducers are designed to measure strain in materials such as concrete, synthetic resin which undergo a transition from a compliant state to a hardened state. Their extremely low modulus (KM-M:25N/mm2) ,(others:40N/mm2) and waterproof construction are ideally suited for internal strain measurement during the very early stages of curing. They are totally impervious to moisture absorption, producing excellent stability for long-term strain measurement. Relative temperature measurement is also possible with the KM-B. The built-in thermocouple sensor of the KM-BT enable actual temperature measurement in addition to strain measurement. Adding to the above embedment use, surface strain measurement onto concrete, H-beam steel is also available with various optional fittings.
The new KM-M type small-diameter strain transducer has a smaller diameter than the conventional product and is suitable for measuring concrete with a thin cover thickness and surface strain. The KM series is compliant to CE marking except for KM-50F and KM-M.

Protection ratings : IP 67 equivalent for KM-30 / IP 68 equivalent for KM-50F to KM-100BT and KM-M

KM Strain Transducer
  • Self-temperature compensated transducer having a linear thermal expansion coefficient similar to concrete
  • Low elastic modulus enables inner strain measurement during the very early stages of curing
  • Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature except for KM-30 ,KM-50F
  • Surface strain measurement is also available onto retaining wall, strut, sheet pile, etc.
  • KM-30/KM-100B/-100HB/-100BT Only CE Marking Compliant
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Rated output
    Non-linearity Temperature range
    KM-30 ±5000 x 10-6 strain 2.5mV/V
    (5000 x 10-6 strain)
    1%RO -20 to +60℃
    KM-50F 4.0mV/V
    (8000 x 10-6 strain)
    -20 to +80℃
    KM-100B 2.5mV/V
    (5000 x 10-6 strain)
    KM-100HB -20 to +180℃
    KM-100BT -20 to +80℃
    KM-100M ±5000 x 10-6 strain 2.5mV/V
    (5000 x 10-6 strain)
    2%RO -20 to +80℃
    KM-100HM -20 to +180℃
    KM-100MT -20 to +80℃