Flange Mounting-type Torque Transducer

LTB-NA Torque Transducer 10N・m to 1kN・m

The LTB-NA Torque Transducer is a flange-mounted transducer that is installed between non-rotating measuring items in order to detect torque in the items.

Protection ratings : IP 30 equivalent

LTB-NA Torque Transducer
  • Measurable without the effect of bending
  • Easy installation with flanges
  • Specifications

    Type Capacity Rated output Non-linearity Temperature
    LTB-10NA 10N・m 1mV/V
    0.3%RO -10 to +60℃
    LTB-20NA 20N・m
    LTB-30NA 30N・m
    LTB-50NA 50N・m
    LTB-100NA 100N・m
    LTB-200NA 200N・m
    LTB-300NA 300N・m
    LTB-500NA 500N・m
    LTB-1KNA 1kN・m