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Remote Power Controller RPC-05A

This power controller enables battery operation where AC power supply is not available for our data loggers, digital strainmeters (TDS-150, TC-32K), or network handheld strainmeters (TC-35N).

Remote Power Controller RPC-05A
  • Its battery charger function allows connection to a solar-powered battery for long-term unattended measurement.
  • Also has power on/off capability for measuring instruments.
  • Instrument power supply control possible from a computer.
  • Specification

    Type RPC-05A
    Applicable instruments TDS-150, TC-32K, TC-35N
    Battery supply input 10 to 18 V
    Dimension 80(W)×35(H)×169(D) mm
    Weight Approx. 320 g

Portable Data Logger TDS-150 Alarm Unit ALM-150

The ALM-150 is an exclusive alarm unit for combined use with the TDS-150 data logger. The TDS-150 can control one alarm unit only.

Portable Data Logger TDS-150 Alarm Unit ALM-150
  • Any monitor channel and any output contacts (1 to 4) are settable.
  • Relative values and high/low limit values can be set.
  • Measurement value for monitoring are selectable from monitored value and scan value.
  • Specifications

    Type ALM-150
    Number of contacts 4
    Contact capacity AC140V/DC200V max.
    Rated current 0.5A max.
    Inrush current 1.5A max.
    ON resistance 3.2Ω max.
    Display Status LED lights when each contact is closed.
    Comparison method Relative value High/low limit value
    Number of setting tables 100
    Other function Alarm test
    Power supply Supplied from TDS-150
    Dimensions 280(W) × 60(H) × 80(D) mm (except projecting parts)
    Operating environment -10 to +50℃, less than 85%RH (without condensation)
    Weight Approx. 600 g